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The social and economic organization of ancient Greece revolved around the basic structure of the oikos, a term that can be translated as "home" but with different meanings: home as dwelling-place, home as extended family, home as property, including fields and their products.

This is Oikos in Terre di Zaccanello: a residence, a group of people that gravitates around it, a set of properties. A place you do not just visit, you experience.

An ancient 18th century farmhouse

Unearthed by a careful renovation, Oikos is an ancient 18th century farmhouse nestled in a timeless landscape and surrounded by olive trees, carobs and prickly pears. A magic place where you will discover ancient traditions and taste simple and genuine products.


Oikos at Terre di Zaccanello offers 6 sophisticated rooms in a warm, comfortable environment. Every awakening will be sweetened with a breakfast of homemade jams and delights of the region.

Please contact us for further information or reservations: booking@terredizaccanello.it