Extravirgin Olive Oil IGP Sicilia

Extravirgin Olive Oil IGP Sicilia

Bring home sicilian perfumes, colors and flavors

Oil is a gift. A gift of the earth and of human work, but also a precious gift for loved ones. Giving a bottle of oil expresses finesse, passion for your country and desire to share an experience. Oil is culture in liquid form.

Terre di Zaccanello extra virgin olive Oil comes exclusively from our olive grove, it is cold pressed – as to ensure the highest quality – and it is made using olives carefully selected, harvested manually and fresh pressed. This allows our olive oil to have a very low acidity rate of 0,2%.

Terre di Zaccanello extra virgin olive Oil has been admitted to the IGP brand "Sicilia", recently recognised by the European Union.

The Protected Geographical Indication is very restrictive and aims at guaranteeing the territorial identity and at defining a product that is characterised by the application of cultivation, collection, storage and oiling specification.

We chose a packaging that could honour our mission: enhance the Sicilian territory and the richness of its nature. For this reason, we selected a bottle like a jar: an homage to Pirandello, to his novel and to his birthplace. Each product is handcrafted, so you will never find one identical to another.

We believe that awareness is the first step towards a more sustainable future: for this reason, we invite you to recycle our bottles and cans properly, or to reuse them making original flower pots, lamps and chandeliers.